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 A friend of mine brought a few kids from a Children's Home to church one day. These kids were the same age as my oldest daughter. It made me think about the things they are not getting, that my girls probably take for granted.

  I told my wife, "We should go by the home & take a few of them to the lake." She said, "That wouldn't be fair to the rest of them. You need to take all of them."

  That is basically how it all got started.

  Every summer, the first Monday & Tuesday after Father's Day is our 2 day event @ Old North State Club on Badin Lake. During this event, we share our love of watersports & our love for Jesus Christ with the kids from the American Children's Home in Lexington, the NC Baptist Children's Home in Thomasville, Oak Ranch Children's Home and The Children's Home in Winston Salem.

 In 2011 we had 9 events in 7 states. We plan to expand our program and inspire others to get involved across our state & country.

2012 will be very busy! There will be around 20 events in 16 different states! God has blessed us with great volunteers!

Long term plans include a permanent camp where kids stay for a few days and learn some valuable life skills.
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Wake the World is a non profit charitable organization that provides watersports oppurtuinities to local Children's Homes. Whether it's wakeboarding , wake surfing, kneeboarding, water skiing, tubing, swimming or just hanging out in a boat, that's what we are providing for these kids that normally would not have the oppurtunity. Our events are possible because of big hearted supporters. Currently 100% of all funds donated are used for expenses directly related to our events. We have no paid staff, everyone is a volunteer. We use office space from my business to manage WTW, so there are no office expenses.
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